What is a Shootsie? Well, here it's a term of endearment for a little Black Rhino. At your home Shootsie is a whimsical way to tell someone that they are much loved. Shootsie founder, Memoree, is a professional in child and family development with a graduate degree from Columbia University. Her academic training and years of experience in early child development and care have led her to the creation of the Shootsie Blanket. These blankets are thoughtfully designed to promote, enhance and capture the sweet loving moments shared between a parent and child. Dedicated time for nurturing and reassuring is essential to healthy sensory and early development. A Shootsie blanket is the perfect accent at cuddle and calm time. It can also be lots of fun at playtime, sparking imagination through creative play. Now a Shootsie can be a tent, a set of wings, a magic carpet, or a secret hideaway to snuggle up in and dream. Shootsie designs incorporate rich hues and soft wispy satins. We know you willl love our blankets, just take a peek at our coveted collection. These blankets make a stunning baby shower, christening or special occasion gift. What a great way to tell someone they are your Shootsie. RETURN TO MAIN COLLECTION PAGE: www.shootsie.com